Mary Hotvedt

House District 38

Affliation: D

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City: Pinos Altos

Would you vote for the creation of an Independent Ethics Commission to provide oversight of the executive and legislative branches of government in New Mexico? yes. I think we cannot proceed with needed planning and changes for the state without greater trust from the voters. Duran scandal, etc., makes government look bad out here.

What measures would you take to make New Mexico state government transparent, accessible and accountable to the public? Pasing ethics reform that also shows where lobbyist monies are going. The law has to be sensible to allow for normal everyday exchanges but holds legislature , exec branch, and lobby groups to a high standard of transparency.

Would you give permission to the Legislative Council Service to make publicly available the final amounts you personally allocate to various capital outlay projects? yes.

If you think reform of the capital outlay system is needed, how would you reform it? If you don't think reform is needed, give us your reasons. projects need to be vetted to be ready to fund and to receive a level of funding that makes them viable. I think Grant County, Rio rancho have such procedures for bringing up projects.

Does New Mexico need to invest more in early childhood development? If you think it does, in your opinion what is the best way to invest? If you don't think New Mexico needs to invest more, tell us why. Yes, I think we need to rework the permanent Funds formula to invest more heavily in early childhood education as a way of investing in our state's future workers and leaders.

What measures would you take to improve the state's long-term economy? We need a thorough review and amendment of our tax situation to improve infrastructure. We need to develop green industries, R and D. These are where tax credits are useful for economic growth.

Would you support the legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use in New Mexico? Why or why not? Watching Colorado and Washington carefully. If there are no adverse stats for highway accidents or cannabis-related incidents, why not take advantage of the taxation possibilities? Prohibition has only fueled criminal activity.