Christine Trujillo

House District 25

Affliation: D

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City: Albuquerque

Would you vote for the creation of an Independent Ethics Commission to provide oversight of the executive and legislative branches of government in New Mexico? Yes.

What measures would you take to make New Mexico state government transparent, accessible and accountable to the public? There ar various pieces of legislation currently pending that could address the current concerns for transparency. We need to look at those and revamp or revise if necessary and move forward.

Would you give permission to the Legislative Council Service to make publicly available the final amounts you personally allocate to various capital outlay projects? Yes

If you think reform of the capital outlay system is needed, how would you reform it? If you don't think reform is needed, give us your reasons. Currently each legislator is allocated a certain sum of money to support infrastructure or relevant projects in our districts. In addition, we are allowed to collaborate with other legislators to also support both citywide and statewide projects. I've done that since my election. I'm unclear what type of reform you are seeking.

Does New Mexico need to invest more in early childhood development? If you think it does, in your opinion what is the best way to invest? If you don't think New Mexico needs to invest more, tell us why. I absolutely think we have to invest in early education and k-12 education. We must continue to work on the legislation that allows us to get funding from the permanent school fund. The formula proposed by NM Voices For Children is a a valid one.

What measures would you take to improve the state's long-term economy? The NMRTI has some great suggestions for revising our tax structure which is sorely needed. I support efforts to promote local businesses and create a process that includes dialogue from all stakeholders and not the usual powerbroker a from the ACoC.

Would you support the legalization of cannabis for adult recreational use in New Mexico? Why or why not? Yes, because it's time has come. I think that lawful oversight and regulation could generate needed revenue. We must move forward with a responsible approach. We should also support agricultural hemp as another option to generate revenue and to help farmers who need other crop options.