Messenger: John Sapien

Candidate: John Sapien

Contest: Senate District 9

Date delivered: Oct. 3, 2016

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Message type: online ad

Message tone: negative

About the message: Sen. John Sapien's campaign sent an email blast linking to a 15-second video about his opponent, Republican Diego Espinoza.
Here's the script: “Diego Espinoza, investigated for hacking. Diego Espinoza, accused of voter fraud. Now Espinoza is in bed with super PACS who want to frack in our back yards. Hacker, fraud fracker, that’s Diego Espinoza."
The first two accusations appear to stem from Espinoza's involvement with Allen Weh's U.S. Senate campaign in 2014.
Espinoza filed a civil suit in connection with the hacking allegations that was set for trial earlier this year. That suit was dismissed by a judge in September.
David Clements, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, wrote about the allegations recently.
Espinoza emailed this: "I have never hacked or hijacked anyone's email or been investigated for voter fraud. The civil suit with Clements was dismissed in January with Prejudice. A Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release was signed by both of us."
The video was updated Oct. 4 correcting a misspelling of Espinoza's first name.