Messenger: Advance New Mexico Now

Candidate: Candie Sweetser

Contest: House District 32

Date delivered: Oct. 19, 2016

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: negative

About the message: This is the second mailer from super PAC Advance New Mexico Now attacking Democrat Candie Sweetser in a week. Much like the previous mailer, it says that Sweetser is "in the pocket of liberal politicians who are soft on crime" and lists actions of others in which Sweetser was not involved.
Sweetser faces Republican Vicki Chavez for the open House District 32 seat created by Democratic Rep. Dona Irwin's retirement. Chavez won her primary by 16 votes after Advance New Mexico Now sent a series of last-minute fliers attacking her opponent.
Sweetser's husband is running for Luna County Commission as a Republican.
Read more about the Sweetser/Chavez race here.

About the messenger: Advance New Mexico Now is a state-level super PAC that takes unlimited donations and makes independent expenditures, mostly in legislative races. Advance employs the firm owned by Jay McCleskey, Gov. Susana Martinez's top political adviser.

The messenger's money: Western Refining Chairman Paul Foster, of El Paso, gave $150,000. Burnett Oil Chairwoman Anne Marion, of Texas, ETC Capital, a Michigan investment firm, and Devon Energy, of Oklahoma each gave $100,000.

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