Messenger: Patriot Majority New Mexico

Candidate: Sarah Maestas Barnes

Contest: House District 15

Date delivered: Oct. 21, 2016

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: negative

About the message: The sponsor information is cut off from this mailer submitted by a New Mexico In Depth reader, but it includes language similar to other Patriot Majority New Mexico mailers.
The mailer accuses GOP Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes of cutting funding for seniors, referring to That infrastructure funding, or capital outlay, bill passed the House with Maestas Barnes voting for it but died in the Senate, requiring a special legislative session later in the year.
The flier also refers to an amendment to the 2016 budget as protecting "tax giveaways to the wealthy," a claim that is difficult to determine for a bill that is more than 200 pages long and includes multiple amendments.

About the messenger: Patriot Majority New Mexico is a Washington, D.C., based PAC affiliated with the national Patriot Majority organization, a progressive group. The group is a super PAC that takes unlimited contributions to make independent expenditures, which aren't supposed to be coordinated with candidates or political parties.

The messenger's money: Patriot Majority gets most of its money from unions, including those for teachers and public employees.

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