Messenger: Xochitl Torres Small

Candidate: Xochitl Torres Small

Contest: Congress

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: Oct. 24, 2018

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Message type: tv ad

Message tone: contrast

About the message:

This ad features multiple people saying that they are Republican, or vote mostly Republican, but are voting for Democrat Xochitl Torres Small. They say that they are voting for the person, not the party, because Torres Small will work with anybody to "get things done in Washington." 

About the messenger:

Xochitl Torres Small was raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her background includes working as a field representative for Senator Tom Udall and as a judicial law clerk for federal judge Robert C. Brack. She currently works as an attorney at Kemp Smith LLP, specializing in water. 

The messenger's money:

As of June, 30, 2018, Torres Small has raised $934,714.79. Her top donor is Bay State for a Majority at $29,000.