Messenger: Xochitl Torres Small

Candidate: Xochitl Torres Small

Contest: Congress

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: Sept. 25, 2018

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Message type: tv ad

Message tone: informative

About the message:

The issue of affordable healthcare for rural New Mexicans is addressed in this ad. Torres Small talks about how rural New Mexicans have to travel long distances just to see a doctor for a routine medical visit. The ad shows an elderly couple getting up at dawn and travelling for a doctor's appointment. Torres Small says this story is "all too common," and that she will fight to fix it. 

About the messenger:

Xochitl Torres Small was raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her background includes working as a field representative for Senator Tom Udall and as a judicial law clerk for federal judge Robert C. Brack. She currently works as an attorney at Kemp Smith LLP, specializing in water. 

The messenger's money:

As of June, 30, 2018, Torres Small has raised $934,714.79. Her top donor is Bay State for a Majority at $29,000.